The Right To Heal Network is pleased to announce the forthcoming availability of a large number of new regenerative replacement products. 

The Right To Heal Network (“RTH Network) is an international organization exclusively dedicated to assisting individuals from around the world in obtaining an improved quality of life. This is obtained by providing each approved patient a customized Autologous Regenerative Tissue Replacement (ARTR™) product and procedure.

ARTR™ products address medical issues by regenerating “your” organ cells and tissues into new valiant tissues and uses these new tissues to repair “in-place” your injured or diseased organ. For some patients, an ARTR™ procedure can replace the need for an organ transplant.

Currently ARTR™ products addressing the regenerative repair of the Liver, Lungs, Kidneys, Pancreas, and the Heart Muscle. Other areas of specific emphasis of regenerative repair include; Skin, Cartilage, Meniscus, Joints, Muscles and Bones.

The use of these ARTR™ products provide the ability to address COVID-19 damage issues, Cancer, Type I Diabetes, COPD, Chronic Liver Disease (CLD), Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), Burn Injuries, Impossible-To-Heal Wounds, and other important healthcare issues.

The RTH Network is the global ARTR™ products distribution association operated by the RTH Foundation. For access to the RTH Network data, use the Contact button and request a password. Visit the BCM Industries to learn more about the ARTR™ products and technologies.

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