The Right To Heal Foundation is pleased to announce the forthcoming availability of a large number of new regenerative replacement products. 

The Right To Heal Foundation (“RTH Foundation”) is an international organization dedicated to assisting individuals from around the world in obtaining BCM Industries produced regenerative replacement products. [BCM].

The BCM Industries is preparing to commence delivering the next generation of advanced regenerative technology products including skin replacement products to address non-healable wounds, full thickness burns and cosmetics revision procedures. In conjunction, regenerative cartilage product lines are being introduced to provide patient specific, DNA-matched (autologous), ear, nose and chin regenerative cartilage replacement solutions, with matching regenerative skin replacement. 

BCM meniscus-joint replacement product lines are entering trials to address patient specific meniscus regenerative replacements needs for knees, shoulders, elbows, hips and ankles. For injured or diseased bones, the BCM Team has a new “Hard Structure” regenerative product line under development.

As the exclusive global distributor for BCM products, the RTH Foundation has commenced assembling a global network of countries, hospitals, physicians and surgeons who are interested in participating in the medical delivery of BCM regenerative replacement organ tissues, skin, cartilage, meniscus, bone and other BCM products and services.

The results of this effort is a Medical Service Directory. This directory lists all authorized and approved countries, hospitals, surgeons, and medical teams qualified and prepared to deliver one or more of BCM Industries many regenerative replacement products. [Medical Service Directory].

In addition to providing the Service Directory, the RTH Foundation is dedicated to providing excellent support to assure each potential patient is provided with the best care possible. This includes addressing issues and questions, providing counseling and education for the patient and family members. It also includes assistance in arranging for any required travel and complete support, while assisting in all phases of the treatment process.

If you or a loved one has a possible need for a regenerative organ tissue, skin, cartilage, meniscus or bone replacement procedure, please feel free to provide your information to the Organ List. Your information will allow the RTH Foundation staff members you updated on the progress, trials and status regarding your specific needs. [Organ List Signup]

Regenerative medicine and the advancement of human replacement treatment is bringing a major improvement to healthcare. As such, it is important that potential patients and their families have access to educational materials and knowledge. The RTH Foundation maintains an online regenerative medicine and replacement treatment knowledge base. [Regenerative Knowledge].

If you are interested in learning more about the RTH Foundation, regenerative medicine and BCM products, please subscribe to our free Newsletter. [Newsletter].

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